Maryam Waheeda – President

Ms. Mariyam Waheeda is a distinguished figure in the realms of development planning, journalism, and public service. Her remarkable educational background and extensive professional experience have been nothing short of extraordinary. With a career spanning several decades, she has consistently exhibited exceptional dedication, leadership, and a deep commitment to the betterment of society.

With an objective to leverage her training and experience, Ms. Waheeda has achieved remarkable educational milestones, including a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology from St Joseph’s College of Arts and Sciences, Bangalore University. She has also earned her Master’s degree in Development Studies from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

Ms. Waheeda’s contributions extend beyond her educational and professional endeavors. She has held various positions in the Maldives National Broadcasting Corp., including Board Director and Chairman of the Maldives Entertainment Company. Additionally, she has been an Honorary Consul of Sweden to Maldives since 2018. She currently serves as the President of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission, a role she assumed on 5th December 2019.

In the field of journalism, Ms. Waheeda has been a Senior Presenter at MNBC and Television Maldives, contributing to numerous programs and documentaries, including coverage of the 2004 tsunami. Her voice has been featured in over 800 reports, and she has received recognition, including the JCI “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World” Award 2011 for personal accomplishment and development and a National Award from the President of Maldives for media development in 2015.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ms. Waheeda is an active advocate for voluntary and humanitarian work, including serving as an Ambassador to the Blind and Visually Impaired Society of the Maldives (BIVISM) and numerous other community works. Ms. Waheeda’s impressive achievements and commitment to her community make her a respected figure in the field of development and journalism.


Mohamed Fazeen – Vice President

Mr. Mohamed Fazeen was elected as Commissioner for a five year term of office by the People’s Majlis and appointed by the President of Maldives, on 7th March 2021.

On 19th January 2023, Mr. Fazeen was elected and appointed as Vice President of Broadcom as the then Vice President Mr. Ahmed Gais resigned from his post and from Commission membership.

Prior to joining media and journalism in 2012, Mr. Mohamed Fazeen gained valuable experience working in the hospitality industry for well over a decade.

Mr. Fazeen’s first experience in media was as a senior journalist at online news platform, Channel News Maldives (CNM). Later on he joined the popular local TV broadcaster Raajje TV and made a name for himself in the industry.

Highly skilled in web designing and developing, Mr. Fazeen holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (Honors) and a bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law.

Ali Yoosuf – Commissioner


Mr. Ali Yoosuf began his journalism career in the leading print media, Haveeru daily. During his 14 years working at the daily, he has done extensive news coverage of presidential elections of 2003, 2008 and 2013. He further has done news coverage of 2004, 2009 and 2014 parliament elections.

The special news coverage that he worked on following the 2004 tsunami, were highlights of his budding journalism career.

Mr. Ali Yoosuf who has attended multiple journalism and election reporting training programs, has completed Postgraduate Studies in Journalism from Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, India.

Mr. Ali Yoosuf has held the post of Board Member of Maldives Journalists Association from 2011 – 2014. MJA is an NGO that works to promote press freedom and the rights of Maldives journalists. He was also Board Member of Maldives Media Council from 2017 – 2019, an independent state institution that regulates print & online media and magazines.

Prior to being appointed to the Commission, Mr. Ali Yoosuf was the News Director at local TV broadcaster Raajje TV, from 2015 – 2019. He managed the newsroom of Raajje TV during a challenging time for local media due to political instability in the country.

Mr. Ali Yoosuf was conferred with “Noosverikamuge Ran Galan” (Journalism Gold Pen), in 2018 by Maldives Media Council to celebrate and honor his services in Maldives journalism.

Mr Ali Yoosuf was elected as Commissioner for a five year term of office by the People’s Majlis and appointed by the President of Maldives, on 5th December 2019.

Aminath Ameena – Commissioner

Ms Aminath Ameena was elected as Commissioner for a five year term of office by the People’s Majlis and appointed  by the President of Maldives, on 14th June 2020.

Shifla Ibrahim – Commissioner

Ms. Shifla Ibrahim, an esteemed figure in the Maldives broadcasting industry, began her academic journey with a focus on media studies. She attained a Master of Arts in Journalism & Media Communications from the Islamic University of Maldives (IUM), in 2019. While this academic pursuit reflected her dedication to excellence in the field, her educational background also includes a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from The Maldives National University (MNU) and a Diploma in Journalism, further enhancing her foundation in media studies.

Commencing her career in 1999 as an Announcer Trainee at Television Maldives, Ms. Shifla swiftly progressed through the ranks, laying the groundwork for a prolific career in broadcasting. Transitioning into roles such as News Caster and Assistant Announcer, she contributed significantly to the broadcast team. During her tenure, she presented some of the most popular programs on Television Maldives, including the widely acclaimed “Dhivehinnai Music” and “Filmy Udhares,” leaving an indelible mark on the network.

In January 2012, Ms. Shifla assumed the role of Senior Journalist at Public Service Media (PSM), showcasing her leadership and expertise. The culmination of her experience at PSM paved the way for her to become a trusted News Anchor at Sangu Television from April 2015 to 2021, where she continued to deliver news with precision and impact.

Beyond national borders, Ms. Shifla covered FESPO 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland, demonstrating her dedication to international journalism. Additionally, her commitment to nurturing talent within the industry became evident as she initiated and contributed to the training of news anchors and presenters during the newscasters training program organized by TVM. Recognizing her exceptional contributions and wealth of experience, Ms. Shifla Ibrahim was appointed Commissioner at the Maldives Broadcasting Commission on 5th May 2021. In this role, she continues to shape and influence the industry, bringing her unique blend of professionalism, dedication, and passion to the regulatory framework.

Beyond her contributions to the media landscape, Ms. Shifla is also a fitness motivator, inspiring others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Her holistic approach to well-being reflects her commitment to making a positive impact both within and outside the professional realm.

Ms. Shifla Ibrahim’s journey from an Announcer Trainee to Commissioner at the Maldives Broadcasting Commission is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. With a rich tapestry of experiences, international recognition, and a passion for nurturing talent, she stands as a guiding force in the Maldives broadcasting arena.

Safa Shafeeq – Commissioner

Ms Safa Shafeeq was elected as Commissioner for a five year term of office by the People’s Majlis and appointed  by the President of Maldives, on 9th May 2023.