Aminath Ameena Appointed as Commission Member

June 14, 2020

President of Maldives, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has appointed Ms Aminath Ameena as a member of Maldives Broadcasting Commission.

Ms Aminath Ameena was presented with her Letter of Appointment at a ceremony held at the President’s Office this morning.

Ms Aminath Ameena was appointed to the last vacant Commission membership post, following announcement by the President’s Office for interested candidates to apply for the post, passing through an interview process by the Independent Institutions Committee of Peoples Majlis and following her election with unanimous votes by the Majlis floor.

Following Ms Ameena’s appointment to the Commission, the Commission now has the legal required number of members, consisting of Commission President Mariyam Waheeda, Vice President Ahmed Gais, Commissioner Zeena Zahir, Commissioner Aminath Saraahath Izzath, Commissioner Amjad Waheed and Commissioner Ali Yousuf.