Broadcasting and Re-broadcasting of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

June 13, 2018


NO: (PR)427-BUR/INDIV/2018/1


Broadcasting and Re-broadcasting of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

As per article 35 of the Broadcasting Regulation and article 38 of the Re-broadcasting Regulation, acquiring of the broadcasting rights for listed events shall involve ensuring that the broadcasting rights are made available to the public service broadcaster with a view to facilitating maximum viewership of such events to the public. As FIFA World Cup is an event that has been listed by the Commission, after examining the position of the broadcasting industry with respect to the availability of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia for public viewing in the Maldives, the Commission notes that the broadcasting rights for public broadcasting of this event has already been secured through agreement with the regional authorized distributer of this event and welcomes the efforts of Public Service Media in securing maximum viewership of the event to the citizens.

The Commission also welcomes the efforts of the leading licensed re-broadcasters in working towards ensuring that the matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia are made available to the public through various re-broadcasted channels with high quality formats such as HD and 4K.

All re-broadcasting licensees are also reminded that when channels are re-broadcasted on their networks, they are required to comply with the articles 30 and 31 of the Re-broadcasting Regulation when TV channels are packaged and re-broadcasted on their networks and further, to have a non-exclusive agreement with the channel owners and/or licensed distributers as per article 18 of the said regulation and to provide service at prices approved by the Commission and ensuring that no content that breaches any law is included in their channel packages.

The Commission is confident that all licensees would adhere to the prevailing laws and regulations when broadcasting and re-broadcasting 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

11 June 2018