March 12, 2020


Ref. No.427-LCM/CIR/2020/6



This circular is to inform and remind the concerned parties that re-broadcasting (cable TV) services in tourist resorts shall not be provided unless and until the registered company operating the resort obtains a valid re-broadcasting license issued by the Maldives Broadcasting Commission OR through any other licensed re-broadcaster having licence to provide re-broadcasting services nationwide or in that particular island or resort, under the Re-broadcasting Regulation (2019/R-179) enforced under the Broadcasting Act (16/2010).

Please also note that Article 20 of the Rebroadcasting Regulation (2019/R-179) implies that re-broadcasting licensees shall only rebroadcast channels after obtaining non-exclusive rights from the channel owners or authorized channel distributors to air the channels in their networks. Thus this rule also applies to channels from Airtel, Dish TV or any other DTH services which are not authorized to be inserted into the commercial feed of re-broadcasting services.

We urge all tourist resorts providing re-broadcasting services within their premises, to either obtain a valid re-broadcasting license or subscribe to the services of a licensed re-broadcaster before delivering in-house cable TV services in their resorts and to ensure that the service is provided in compliance with the Broadcasting Act and regulations enforced under the said Act.

12th March 2020