Maldives Broadcasting Commission has briefed press on Commission’s complaint adjudicating mechanism as some media outlets have reported misleading information regarding this mechanism

June 9, 2013

This is a statement released by Maldives Broadcasting Commission as misleading information have been reported by some media outlets regarding Commission’s complaints adjudicating mechanism.

Complaints lodged to the Commission are adjudicated according to procedures stated in complaints adjudication mechanism.  This mechanism has been has been publicized and has been made available on Commission’s website.

The complaints lodged to the Commission are adjudicated with fairness, balance and with transparency. In the adjudication process the Commission gives opportunity to the respondent to make their case in adjudication process.

Content related complaints received to the Commission are checked for any breaches to the Broadcasting Code of Practice which was formulated under wider consultation of stakeholders from journalism field. Any penalty imposed on a broadcaster is based on the 44th clause of the Broadcasting Act.

According to the Commission’s statistics, a total of 118 complaints were lodged to the Commission to date out of which 105 complaints have been adjudicated. The complaints adjudicated are published on Commission’s website