Time Line


26 November 2015

Commission Requests Broadcasters to Refrain from Broadcasting Content Which Promotes Unrest


11 August 2015

Community Broadcasting Regulation Formulation Work Begins


9 February 2015

Symposium on “National Consultation on Community Media in Maldives” held



27 December 2014

Certificates awarded to participants of Awareness workshop for media on Penal Code organized by Attorney General’s Office


10 November 2014

Commission participates in Editors forum organized by Seychelles Media Commission.


27 October 2014

Commission attends ABU’s “Women with the wave” forum

14 October 2014

Maldives Broadcasting Commission meets the Japanese survey team on the introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting in Maldives.


8 September 2014

Commission Participates in 7th World Summit on Media for Children


15 July 2014

Maldives Broadcasting Commission appoints Information Officer


5 June 2014

Certificates awarded to the participants of Gender Sensitization Workshop for Broadcast Media

3 June 2014

Workshop on Gender Sensitization for Broadcast Media commenced today


21 May 2014

President of Maldives Broadcasting Commission gives Opening Remarks at the Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop


30 April 2014

Commission issues report on Broadcast Content and Complaints during Presidential Election 2013 and Threat Analysis Report


25 February 2014

Commission participates in an International Conference on Broadcasting Training organized by AIBD


27 January 2014

CEO & Chairman of Seychelles Media Commission visits the Maldives Broadcasting Commission.



29 December 2013

Commission becomes an affiliate member of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).


7 November 2013

Commission requests the People’s Majlis to strengthen the Acts endorsed by the parliament and to avert any chance of barriers against Press Freedom.

6 November 2013

Broadcasting Commission expresses concern over Police investigation of Raajje TV case and requests the President to withdraw case against Raajje TV in High Court


26 October 2013

Commission Express Concern over Raaje TV journalist being summoned to Police for an investigation upon request of Supreme Court

6 October 2013

Commission Express Concern and Requests Police to Investigate News Alleging Government Plans to Shut Down Raaje TV


27 September 2013

Broadcasting Commission cautions stations to refrain from broadcasting content which is seen as a threat to National Security

26 September 2013

Broadcasting Commission cautions broadcasters to refrain from airing photos of members of independent institutions in a derogatory manner

23 September 2013

Broadcasting Commission concludes “Andhalus” sermon case as not being in breach of the Code of Practice and informs Parliament of the decision

16 September 2013

Commission urges all broadcasters to refrain from broacasting content inciting political instability

15 September 2013

Broadcasting Commission meets candidate selected by Saudi Govt to cover this year’s Hajj event

4 September 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission Meets with Commonwealth Election Observer Team


26 August 2013

Commission urges broadcasters to follow the Elections Act, The Code of Practice and Guideline on Broadcasting Political Content during Elections

22 August 2013

Commission Establish fast-track Adjudication for Presidential Candidate Related Complaints

21 August 2013

Two members elected to Broadcast Advisory Committee to represent Commercial Radios

12 August 2013

Broadcasting Commission to monitor broadcast coverage of Presidential Election 2013

11 August 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission requests broadcasters to submit information with regard to Direct Access time allocated to Presidential Candidates

5 August 2013

Three members elected to the Broadcast Advisory Committee to represent commercial TV channels

29 July 2013

Broadcasters’ final chance to submit their Annual Report of the year 2012

28 July 2013

Opportunity open to send Applications to participate in Senior Editors Conference 2013 organized by ICRC

25 July 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has drafted a guideline on broadcasting political content in Election period.

23 July 2013

Broadcasters are given the opportunity to participate in Attachment program offered by Thai PBS.

 23 July 2013

Broadcasters reminded to obtain permission and inform Commission prior to sending test signals and to inform the Commission the commencement date of Broadcasting Services.

5 July 2013

India has confirmed that Television Maldives is not a threat to India’s national security

2 July 2013

Doordashan, the world’s largest Public Broadcasting Station has offered technical training opportunities to the Maldivian broadcasting stations.

1 July 2013

Delegation from Maldives Broadcasting Commission Departs to India on a Study Tour

30 June 2013

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication makes a courtesy visit to Broadcasting Commission


19 May 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission formulates and commences to implement its Information Dissemination Policy

9 May 2013

First batch of Journalists accredited in accordance with Accreditation Regulation

3 May 2013

Five Point Pledge Signing Event cancelled due to bad weather


24 April 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission proposes to state institutions to sign a Five Point Pledge to uphold Media Freedom

15 April 2013

Commission enforces Regulation on Accreditation of journalists

13 April 2013

Awareness sessions for broadcasters commence

8 April 2013

Raaje Tv selected for the conference on “Role of Media in Conflict Resolutions and Peace Building”


12 March 2013

Draft Regulation on Accreditation of Journalists formulated opened for Public consultation

12 March 2013

Commission commences formulation of a “Threat Analysis Report” to Broadcasters

3 March 2013

Commonwealth Expert visiting Maldives to revise Elections law meets Broadcasting Commission members


27 February 2013

Commission declares 4th October to be marked as the “Broadcast Day”

26 February 2013

President of Commonwealth Broadcasting Association visits Maldives Broadcasting Commission

23 February 2013

Maldives Broadcasting Commission strongly condemns the attacks on TVM and Raaje TV journalists

23 February 2013

Broadcasting Commission participates in a procession calling for protection and safety of Journalists

19 February 2013

Ambassador of the Japan accredited to the Maldives pays a courtesy call to Maldives Broadcasting Commission

14 February 2013

Broadcasting Commission Calls for a Second Time to Submit Names for the Broadcast Advisory Committee Elections

13 February 2013

AIBD calls for participation in the “World TV Awards 2013”.
13 February 2013
Commission requests verification from Maldives Police Service with regard to the alleged obstacles created to 97 Minivan’s journalist.

07 February 2013

The first draft of the Regulation to accredit journalists, has been formulated by the Commission in accordance with the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Act (01/2013) enacted.

07 February 2013

Training program on Creative Content Production has ended and participants were awarded Certificates on a ceremony held this evening.

03 February 2013

Creative content training program organized with the aid of Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development and Canal France International has commenced today.


30 January 2013

Training workshop held on “Enhancing the role of media in election coverage” ended this afternoon and participants were awarded certificates.

26 January 2013

Training program on “Enhancing the role of media on election coverage” organized by Maldives Broadcasting Commission and US Embassy commenced this morning.

24 January 2013

An evening to create awareness on enhancing the role of media was held by the Maldives Broadcasting Commission in collaboration with the Embassy of United States (Sri Lanka and Maldives).

17 January 2013

Annual Fees for Rebroadcasting Organization to be based on population figures recorded on Statistical Year Book of 2012

03 January 2013

Members and staff of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission sign an integrity pledge today.

01 January 2013

Happy New Yea to all broadcasters and rebroadcasting Organisations.



30 December 2012

Invitations sent to Broadcasters to participate on Elections Coverage Training and Creative Content Production Training.

29 December 2012

President of the Commission, Mohamed Shahyb sends greetings to the Chairman, Board of Directors and the past and present staff of Voice of Maldives on the occasion of the 50th anniversary golden jubilee..

27 December 2012

Request for Proposal- Code of Conduct Audio and Video Campaign

24 December 2012

Commission meets broadcasters to discuss the planned Election Coverage and Creative Content production training for 2013.

16 December 2012

Commission holds a Code of Conduct awareness evening at Nasandhura Palace Hotel.

17 December 2012

Commission holds a Code of Conduct awareness evening at Nasandhura Palace Hotel.

16 December 2012

Commission holds a Code of Conduct awareness evening at Nasandhura Palace Hotel.

15 December 2012

Preliminary research on community broadcasting ends with a final visit to V.Atoll.

13 December 2012

Maldives Broadcasting commission conducts sensitisation workshop for media on reporting in emergencies and situation of violence in collabration with Maldivian Red Crescent.

Sensitisation workshop for media ended and certificates were awarded to participants.

09 December 2012

Commission commences investigation on the speculations made on media with regard to TVM channel being banned in India.

03 December 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission commences a preliminary research on community broadcasting.


26 November 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has started to formulate a road map for the migration of terrestrial broadcasting services from analogue to digital technology.

21 November 2012

President and Vice President elected to Maldives Broadcasting Commission.

08 November 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has requested the President’s Office and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for clarification on the issue reported by media alleging that Raaje TV to leave a press conference.


02 October 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission strongly condemns the murder of Dr.Afrasheem Ali.

01 October 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission welcomes the decision of Maldives Police Service to cooperate with Raaje Tv.


30 September 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission requests all broadcasters to inform to the Commission prior to the commencement of broadcasting service, or interruption of service or changing the name of broadcasting station.

23 September 2012

Workshop on “Training of Journalists on Legal awareness in an era of media convergence” commences.

20 September 2012

Sub Regional workshop on “Training of Journalists on Legal Awareness in an Era of Media Convergence” to be held.

19 September 2012

The first amendment to the Rebroadcasting Regulation have been published on the gazzette, thus became effective on 17 September 2012.

12 September 2012

In the selection process to send a broadcaster to Saudi Arabia to cover the Hajj event three broadcasting channels have been shortlisten in the draw held for this purpose.

11 September 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission invited all broadcasters to participate in the Hajj draw.

10 September 2012

Ministry of Islamic Affairs requests Maldives Broadcasting Commission to select a broadcaster to cover the Hajj event via Radio and Television given by the Saudi Government.

06 September 2012

Broadcaster reminded not to use nicknames to mock individuals, organisations and broadcasting stations.


29 August 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission advises Broadcasters not to create incitement in the wake of CoNI’s report.

Maldives Broadcasting Commission requests three concerned authorities to investigate some matters highlighted on the Human Rights Commission report.

28 August 2012

Broadcasting Commission has adjudicated the complaint filed by Mr.Mohamed Nazim against Raaje TV as they broadcasted text messages sent to his phone.

13 August 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission meets Maldives Police Service to discuss Police’s decision to cease cooperation to Raaje TV.

12 August 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission seeks cooperation from Maldives Media Council.

09 August 2012

Necessary clauses of the Rebroadcasting Regulation to be revised to eliminate practical difficulties and make the regulation more effective.

07 August 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the break-in to Raaje TV Station and vandalizing their broadcasting equipment.


31 July 2012

93% of complaints adjudicated according to Complaints Statistics revealed by Maldives Broadcasting Commission.

29 July 2012

President of Maldives Broadcasting Commission Resigned.

16 July 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission and Maldives Media Council meet to discuss ways of regulating the media sector while sustaining media freedom.

Discussion forum held to discuss difficulties and challenges to Re-broadcasters in Maldives.

12 July 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission and the Communications Authority of Maldives sign a MoU with regard to issuing broadcasting frequencies.

11 July 2012

Broadcasting Commission condemns attack on Sun FM’s journalist.

03 July 2012

“Sensitization Workshop for Media-on reporting in emergencies and situations of violence” is postponed.

02 July 2012

Mr.Shigeru Aoyagi, Director of UNESCO office, New Delhi & UNESCO Representative to Maldives met the members of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission.

Discussion forum on difficulties and Challenges to Rebroadcasters to be held.


28 June 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission submits proposals to GMR for the development of the broadcasting industry.

21 June 2012

Workshop to be conducted by Maldives Broadcasting Commission in collaboration with Maldives Red Crescent.

18 June 2012

Commission has informed to all broadcasters that they will take action against broadcasters who fail to comply when requested for content.

06 June 2012

Issuance of frequency license.

03 June 2012

Broadcasting Commission has announced the winners of frequency bid today.


20 May 2012

Deadline for application for broadcast license is today.

02 May 2012

Members of the Gn.Fuamulah council visits the Commission.


25 April 2012

Four Competitions have been classified as listed events.

19 April 2012

Application process have been open to gain license to rebroadcast.

14 April 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the attack and injury given to two presenters of Raaje TV.

14 April 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the attack and injury given to two presenters of Raaje TV.

03 April 2012

Commission meets the Resident Coordinator of UN Mr.Andrew Cocks with regard to developing the broadcasting industry and training required for the industry.


29 March 2012

Radio/TV frequency pre-bid meeting was held today.

26 March 2012

Commission has decided to have the conference to compile the “Broadcast Code of practice” tomorrow.

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has advised broadcasters to address people who have filled the Presidency post in a respectful manner.

25 March 2012

Maldives  Broadcasting Commission has met Indian High Commission and released a statement, as a local broadcaster, Television Maldives  is alleged of being a threat to India’s national security on media.

21 March 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Maldives Police Service.

19 March 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the vandalism to VTV building.

18 March 2012

Broadcast frequency bid book will be available to purchase from today onwards.

15 March 2012

Commission has decided to open for broadcast license and frequency bid opening on Sunday.

Commission has handed out broadcast regulation and broadcast frequency regulation to all broadcasters.

05 March 2012

Commission has informed Raaje TV to only broadcast content they have control.


27 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has advised Raaje TV upon receiving complaints that the station is spreading false information.

20 February 2012

Raaje TV’s license has been extended so that their services can be provided to the entire Maldives.

19 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has given warning to those illegally rebroadcasting Raaje TV to regions other than Male’ .

14 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission have demanded to cease rebroadcasting RaajeTv to regions other than Male’ since it is without license thus making it illegal.

09 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemens the injury to journalist and the damages to equipment used to broadcast in yesterdays protests.

05 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the attack to the two journalists of VTV and Raaje TV and the damages given to VTV’s vehicle.

04 February 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condemns the attack to Raaje TV journalist in lastnights protest.

02 February 2012

Meeting to be held to establish the broadcast regulatory framework.


31 January 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has met the Senior Management of all Broadcasting Stations and stated that content broadcasted raises concern.

24 January 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission condems the attacks on MNBC Journalist and DHITV station.

22 January 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has appealed to Maldives Police Service to investigate the case of using foul language on “Morning Edition” show broadcasted by Dhi Tv.

21 January 2012

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has requested Commissioner of Police to give protection to Broadcasting Stations.

19 January 2012

Broadcasting Commission condemns the communication minister’s statement that he may instruct CAM to withhold broadcasting frequencies.

15 January 2012

Commission has warned Dhi FM and Dhi TV to stop the “Morning edition” show if they could not refrain from using foul language.


19 December 2011

The No of Radio and TV frequencies that will be put on to bid for the year 2012 has been announced.




18 October 2011

President of the Commission spoke at the Seminar held to launch ISDBT technology.


26 September 2011

Discussions were held to compose a guideline on how to report situation of emergencies and natural disasters.

22 September 2011

A letter stating the importance of having a Public Service Broadcaster has been sent to the President of Maldives says the President of Commission.

21 September 2011

Strategic Action Plan and Commissions website has been launched today.






26 June 2011

Mohamed Shahyb, Vice President of Maldives Broadcasting Commission have said “to have a public service broadcaster for the sake of having a PSB is concerning.”




05 April 2011

Badru Naseer and Mohamed Shahyb has been elected as the President and Vice President of the Commission respectively.

04 April 2011

President Appoints Members to the Maldives Broadcasting Commission.