Department of Human Resource and Administration

Finance and Accounts Section:

  • Preparation of Commission’s budget and submit to the relevant offices within the given period.
  • Formulation  and Development of  a modern financial system
  • Ensuring the utilization of Commission’s  budget, assets  and other resources complies with the rules and regulations
  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statement and submitting to the relevant offices within the given period.


Human Resources and Administrative Section:

  • Plan, oversee and execute the administrative tasks of the Commission
  • Formulating and implementing  the HR policy within the boundaries of the Employment law of Maldives
  • Formulation of  organizational structure and Job Descriptions and recruitment of staff
  • Develop an effective  Training Needs Assessment  and obtain training opportunities based on the  assessment
  • Providing opportunities for the development and enhancement of the employees
  • Formulation and implementation of Performance Appraisal
  • Protecting the rights of the employees
  • Managing the employees and available resources for  efficient operation of the Commission
  •  Formulation and submitting the Annual Report to the relevant offices within the given period.
  • Planning and conducting activities to create a friendly work environment
  • Development of Commission’s Organogram
  • Managing and operating all matters concerning employees.
  • Organising and maintaining logistical matters related to the Commission
  • Maintaining and updating the Commission’s Inventory


Department of Planning and Policy


International Relations Section:

  • Establishing relations with like-minded international and regional organizations and   broadcasters.
  • Seeking training opportunities and aid from international sources
  • Sourcing technical assistance and training opportunities to develop and enhance the broadcasting industry of Maldives.
  • Working with international sources to seek consultancy services for further enhancement of the Commission as well as the broadcasting industry as a whole.
  • Hosting conferences/ workshops/and seminars in Maldives in collaboration with international broadcasters and/or broadcast related organizations.
  • Seeking opportunities to represent the Maldives Broadcasting Commission in international forums.


Policy, Planning and Projects Section:

  • Assist in developing and implementing policies and managing projects of the Commission.
  • Developing action plans to implement Commissions policies, preparation of guidelines and assisting legal section.
  • To plan and implement upgrading projects to develop the Commission and prepare the proposals required.
  • To set short term, midterm and long term goals to reach milestones of the Commission.


Strategic Development and Research Section:

  • Formulation and implementation of  Commission’s strategic plan
  • Formulation of  local broadcasters’ development plan based on Commission’s strategic and action plans
  • Reviewing and implementing the policies concerning the development of broadcasters
  • Research on the international best practices and assisting the Commission to reach the targets within Commission’s mandate
  • Assisting the operational affairs in training of staff
  • Planning and conducting research based on Commission’s requirements


Department of Legal Affairs, Monitoring and Licensing

Legal Affairs, Communication and PR Section:

  • Legally representing the Commission’s interests.
  • Providing legal advice to the Commission and defend the Commission’s resolutions in court.
  • Formulating “code of practice “ for broadcasters
  • Preparations of legal responses for matters the Commission is answerable to.
  • Providing legal assistance to all Departments and in developing “process and procedures”, rules and regulations of the Commission.
  • Studying the existing laws for any conflict in the Commission’s mandate and proposing appropriate remedial amendments.
  • Planning and conduction of awareness programs related to Commission’s mandate.
  • Preparing and updating contents to be posted on the Commission’s website
  • Publicizing any information related to Commission’s operation, through media briefings, press releases or other means
  • Planning and working towards improving the image of the Commission.


Complaints and Licensing Section:

  • Developing and Implementing a Complaints Mechanism
  • Adjudicating Complaints filed under this Mechanism
  • Monitoring the broadcasting services for compliance with rules and regulations
  • Monitoring the broadcasters for compliance with the ‘Code of Practice’
  • Managing and operating the procedures undertaken for issuing broadcasting licenses
  • Establishing a proper licensing policy
  • Maintaining registration register of licensed broadcasters


Monitoring and Engineering Section:

  • Managing the technological and IT related works of the Commission
  • Advise the commission on matters related to broadcast technology and engineering
  • Providing technical assistance and guidance to the broadcasters  on the introduction of new technology
  • Attending local and international broadcast fairs to gather information and familiarize with new technologies and trends in broadcasting.
  • Establishing and managing technical issues of the Commission’s website.
  • Introducing and utilizing office automation to increase efficiency of workplace.
  • Formulation and implementation of a frequency plan and address the complaints on interference in collaboration with relevant authorities.


Commissioners Bureau:

  • Planning and coordination of Commission’s meetings and conferences
  • Coordination and scheduling of the Commissioners’ appointment schedule
  • Preparation of Commission meeting agenda according to the instructions from the Secretary General
  • Preparing and documenting the minutes of meetings
  • Performing the secretarial works of the Commissioners