When did the Maldives Broadcasting Commission commence work?

Maldives Broadcasting Commission commenced work on 04 April 2011.


What is the Act under which the Broadcasting Commission is established?

The Broadcasting Act (Law No: 6/2010) provided for the establishment of the Broadcasting Commission.


How many members were appointed to the Commission?

Broadcasting Commission consists of seven members selected by the People’s Majlis and appointed by the President.


What is the mandate of the Commission?

The mandate of the Commission is to regulate and develop the broadcasting sector in the Maldives by establishing sound regulatory mechanisms for broadcasters in order to enhance and ensure the development of free and responsible media, increase access to information and foster the freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution and to provide infrastructure to facilitate and support broadcasting in the Nation.


What are the three categories of broadcasting ?

Public Service Broadcasting

Commercial/Private Broadcasting

Community Broadcasting


What types of broadcasting services are defined in the Act?

Radio broadcasting and Television broadcasting


What are the licenses issued by Maldives Broadcasting Commission?

Broadcasting License

Rebroadcasting License

License for use of broadcasting frequencies


What is Frequency License?

This is the license issued for use of frequencies won through a bidding process to parties who broadcast terrestrially in Maldives.


What is the Broadcasting License?

This is the license issued to broadcast in any location of Maldives.


What is Rebroadcasting License?

A license issued for receiving broadcasting channels by a single point and broadcasting them again to any location of Maldives by way of packaging the channels for commercial use.


How do I apply for Broadcasting License?

To apply for a broadcasting license fill in the broadcasting license form available from the Commission’s website. The form will detail on the important documents that need to be submitted with the form.


What are the main types of complaints lodged in this Commission?

Content related complaints

License related complaints

Service related complaints

Complaints related to other issues


How do I lodge a complaint related to broadcasting to the Commission?

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has developed a complaints mechanism and adjudicates complaints under this mechanism. To file a complaint related to broadcasting kindly fill in the Complaints form available from the website and the front office of the Commission.