Speech given by President of Maldives Broadcasting Commission Mr Badru Naseer on the ceremony held at Traders Hotel to Introduce ISDB-T digital broadcasting services

October 18, 2011

Members of the Cabinet, State Ministers, Vice Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, Board of Directors, Heads and Staff of MNBC,

Honourable Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is indeed with pleasure and gratitude that I stand before you to say a few words on this occasion to mark the inauguration of ISDB-T in the Maldives.

While we recognize the excellent opportunities that modern technologies have brought about in the development of broadcasting services across the globe, it is particularly pleasing to see that such technologies are being tested here in the Maldives.

Broadcasting Service have become a major tool for social change and interaction, the intensive use of which has become an effective indicator of the socio-economic development in a country. Digital technologies have paved way for efficient and cost effective delivery of services thereby introducing new opportunities for business and services expansion.

Distinguished participants,

Broadcasting media as we all believe has revolutionised our way of life.  It is a powerful tool to disseminate information to our people.

While we acknowledge ISDB-T as an advanced broadcast technology, we also note that similar technologies are driving the broadcasting market across the globe.  The Maldives Broadcasting Commission encourages broadcasters who are interested in testing these new technologies to do so with a view to assessing their cost effectiveness, inherent advantages and the user friendliness. We believe that customers must be given a special emphasis when new technologies are introduced.

Maldives, like other developing countries, is starting its transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.  The Commission in its Strategic Action Plan has also highlighted a roadmap for such a transition, which encompasses the testing stages for various technologies, consultation within the industry and customer feedback, and finally deployment of the same, among others.

Distinguished Guests

The basic infrastructure used to provide digital services are huge and the investments that have gone into these networks will be enormous. We have to work towards translating these networks into ones that would be utilized beyond the basic services they provide. The opportunities for enhancing these networks to integrate meaningful solutions must be explored to the good advantage of our people.

The operators and service providers introducing new technologies must aim to provide competitive services to the whole spectrum of our population while ensuring minimum burden to customers adapting to the use of these services.

Thank you.